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NEWSLETTER    2017-11-14

Who is Visionics?

For 34 years, we have supplied EDA systems worldwide. Our most popular systems are EDWin XP, Opuser and EE Designer series.

Our users are multinational companies like Honeywell, Volvo, Atlas Copco and small companies around the world.

Our NC systems can be purchased of hobbyists and students and give them a professional CAD system at a small cost. Many hobbyists have developed new products and successfully made start up's.

Our educational licence is used by most Universities and technical schools in Sweden, India, UK and Japan.

Why use Visionics products?

You can be assured you will get better and better tools. We listen to you and adapt our products to market requests.

We are working hard to give you a good support.

Our prices is 85% lower than competing systems.

You can try our system free for 14 days and find out why we are the best.

Try EDWin XP now.

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